Katie Fasullo

Dr. Katie Fasullo (she/her/hers) is a board certified gerontological nurse focused on the health and wellness of older adults. She has over 12 years of experience throughout the healthcare continuum as a nurse leader and clinician. She obtained her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Rush University where she developed an innovative program to provide visibility for LGBTQ older adults through storytelling. Dr. Fasullo has been recognized for exploring best practices in the care of LGBTQ older adults in long-term care settings through her publication in the Clinical Gerontologist titled, “LGBTQ Older Adults in Long-Term Care Settings: An Integrative Review to Inform Best Practices.” She now serves as the Director of Population Health and Health Equity at Chicago Methodist Senior Services where she continues this work by ensuring that older adults age in a system that recognizes their whole selves. Dr. Fasullo is passionate about creating an environment for older adults where inclusion and support of LGBTQ individuals is the gold standard.