Estimated Total Population:

195.87 million

World Bank, 2018

Estimated SGM Population:



Estimated Total SGM Adult Population:



Estimated % of SGM Adults (18+):



In Nigeria, less than two in ten people say that homosexuality should be accepted by society (Pew Research Center, 2020). These attitudes have origins in the implementation of penal codes by the British. Additionally, Nigeria has large Christian and Muslim populations which particularly contribute to the country’s low tolerance for SGM populations, with only 6% of Christians and 8% of Muslims in the country likely to say that homosexuality is acceptable(Pew Research Center, 2020). Yet despite the public sentiment and Islamic Sharia laws criminalizing consensual same-sex acts, there exists a lively activist culture in Nigeria, including organizations like the Bisi Alimi Foundation, which researches Nigerian perception about LGBT populations with the intent to create “a culture of acceptance,” and The Initiative for Equal Rights(TIERs), a Nigeria-based non-profit advocating for human rights for all through pro-bono legal work, storytelling and documentation of human rights violations. It is perhaps through their advocacy work that the country has no dearth of literature regarding SGM populations.

Nigeria's Laws and Policies from ILGA World Report (2019)

Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
Civil Unions
Joint Adoption
Second Parent Adoption
Employment Nondiscrimination Laws
Broad Protections
Criminalization of Violence
Ban of Conversion Therapy
Consensual Same-Sex Acts are Legal?
Any Gender
Max Penalty (Yrs in Prison)

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