Estimated Total Population:

1.353 billion

World Bank, 2018

Estimated SGM Population:



Estimated Total SGM Adult Population:



Estimated % of SGM Adults (18+):



In India, homosexuality is considered to be a crime under section 377, which refers to ‘unnatural offenses’, of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 . DespiteIndia being one among several countries with the denomination of a third gender (hijra), human rights for SGM populations remain difficult. Many individuals continuously face stigma and mental, physical, emotional, and economic violence in their respective communities and spaces. Moreover, most studies or literature about SGM populations in India are concerned with HIV health risks and have little consideration of mental health.

India's Laws and Policies from ILGA World Report (2019)

Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
Civil Unions
Joint Adoption
Second Parent Adoption
Employment Nondiscrimination Laws
Broad Protections
Criminalization of Violence
Ban of Conversion Therapy
Consensual Same-Sex Acts are Legal?
Does Not Apply
Max Penalty (Yrs in Prison)
Does Not Apply

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