Estimated Total Population:

16.49 million

World Bank, 2019

Estimated SGM Population:



Estimated Total SGM Adult Population:



Estimated % of SGM Adults (18+):



There are no nationwide estimates of SGM populations in Cambodia. However, a 2014 study done by the Cambodian National Center for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STD estimates that the population of men who have sex with men in Cambodia is about 31,000 (Mun et. al., 2016). Furthermore, a 2013 study done by FHI 360 estimates that there are about 2,686 transgender individuals in seven urban cities of Cambodia (Ngak, 2013). These estimates may provide an insight on some aspects of SGM individuals in Cambodia.

Cambodia's Laws and Policies from ILGA World Report (2019)

Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
Civil Unions
Joint Adoption
Second Parent Adoption
Employment Nondiscrimination Laws
Broad Protections
Criminalization of Violence
Ban of Conversion Therapy
Consensual Same-Sex Acts are Legal?
Does Not Apply
Max Penalty (Yrs in Prison)
Does Not Apply

Selected Published Studies, Reports, and Other Documents


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