Carly Kelley

Dr. Kelley (she/her/hers) practices general endocrinology, caring for adults with a wide range of hormonal disorders. As Co-Director of the Duke Adult Gender Medicine clinic, she prescribes gender-affirming hormone therapy and works with a multidisciplinary team to assist patients in accessing gender-affirming care. Now a leading expert in transgender care at Duke, Dr. Kelley is frequently asked to give lectures and educate physicians, staff, students, and trainees, both within and outside the institution. By enhancing awareness and knowledge about transgender-specific care among health-care providers, she hopes to improve access to healthcare and reduce barriers that cause transgender health inequities. Additionally, having recognized the need to expand the evidence-base to inform transgender clinical care, Dr. Kelley established the Duke Adult Gender Medicine Registry with the goal of future collaborative multicenter cohort studies on transgender health in the United States.