Supporting Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Health in the Southern US and the Global South

The Duke SGM Health Program (DSGMHP) is an initiative to support SGM health through three areas of excellence: Groundbreaking Research, Best Practices in Care & Clinical Practice, and Public Policy Formation.


Multi-disciplinary research provides the path to understanding health disparities and needs for SGMs, both in the Southern US and the Global South. Our research program incorporates a wide range of SGM health topics from population level epidemiological research designed to build the knowledge base of SGM health and their needs to research on the influence of laws and policies on the health of SGM identity groups globally, nationally, and locally.


There is growing recognition that medical practices must include an understanding of specific SGM health needs and barriers to quality care, and that students and practitioners in all health fields need to be rigorously trained in best care practices. Our Best Practices program strives to change the way we care for SGMs in the Southern US by training personnel to become excellent SGM care providers who can bring knowledge and care expertise to their future faculty and clinical homes.




Global, national, and local policies, including laws and regulations, still vary widely from those that promote persecution those that accept discrimination, to those that protect SGM rights and well-being. Changes in these policies can have dramatic and swift ramifications for the mental and physical well-being of SGMs. With the Duke Sanford School of Public Policy as a partner, our program is well situated to advocate for and influence policy change for SGMs in the Southern US and Global South.

Why now? Because the world demands it. 

SGM health has been elevated to the status of urgently needing data, evidence, and best practices for researchers, health-care providers and policymakers. The DSGMHP is committed to transforming research, best practices, and policy about SGM health both in the Southern US and the Global South.


Duke SGM Health Symposium

Duke SGM Health Symposium

CHPIR would like to thank everyone who attended our Inaugural Duke Sexual and Gender Minority Health Symposium! The two days of events featured keynote speakers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and panelists from Duke University, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the Durham community, and was also the official launch of the Duke Sexual and Gender Minority Health Program (DSGMHP).

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